34 thoughts on “Using Steam Login for Epic Online Services with Unreal Engine Blueprints | สรุปข้อมูลที่ปรับปรุงใหม่ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับblueprint login

  1. Dev Init says:

    hello great work, I would like to know if there is a way to disable the epic games part and keep only steam ..

    I would like to launch only for steam using the same EOS service for steam.

    it is possible?

  2. rewb0rn says:

    Thanks so much! Your videos have been great help setting up our online lobby using EOS! Any chance you are interested to create a tutorial series on the new online service EOS that is replacing the online subystem EOS in 5.1?

  3. ZTEK Studio says:

    All tutorials are so helpful!! Das Abo hast du verdient!

    I only have one question: can't we setup a crossplay configuration with this? Like when Steam is closed it should still run with the epic login or something, isn't that possible? Or do we use the "normal" approach for that case without enabling the OnlineSubsystemSteam?

    Thank you!

  4. Charlieth says:

    Good job with these tutorials! Love them!
    I managed to implement the login through the Epic account portal (with the previous tutorial) and it worked fine, but when I try to get the Steam login to work (following this tutorial) the "Login User" node fails…

    Logs messages are as follow:

    LogEOSSDK: Error: LogEOSAuth: Invalid parameter EOS_Auth_Credentials.ExternalType reason: invalid type

    LogOnline: Warning: OSS: Login(0) failed with EOS result code (EOS_InvalidParameters)

    I triple checked all the procedures, I tried running the game on a complete build, even tried uploading the build on Steam but I keep getting this message.
    The only thing that I think might cause a problem is the fact that the application is not yet approved by Epic, but the error I get doesn't seem related to that…
    Hope you can help me with this, and thank you for the great videos!

    I got the application approved by epic, but still same error

  5. Hashem Game Dev says:

    if i use this method and release the game on epic games store , would it require steam to run before running the game ( that's the behavior i need ) a game currently active and use steam online subsystem and we want to port it to epic games store , using EOSPlus , when a player get the game using epic game launcher , will the player be asked to launch steam too ? because the game uses steam lobbies and it would break without steam active.

  6. Daniel White says:

    Hey you said leave feedback in video. Using the steam subsystem with EOSPlus can you show us how you would set up joining a lobby with friends then queueing up to match with others. If you can broken up would be fine first showing how to make a lobby with friend. Then next video how you would take you group to look for matches with other.s

  7. Emptrix says:

    I'm having trouble understanding EOS, do we still have to have a backend for the database to store player accounts, player unlocks / items / weapons / stats etc? Because upon logging to EOS Dev portal, all I see is "Player Data Storage" which is not a database and they've even indicated that its for player authoritative data where the player sends the data which is easy to cheat. I understand that the login can be done with Steam, Google, Epic accounts in EOS, but what happens after the login? Where do the rest of the game data gets stored? Does steam / google systems have a place where I can use as a database? Or do I have to use other database solutions from e.g Playfab, AWS etc? If Playfab is used to store player stats, items etc, do I then setup a database in playfab which stores the player's epic account id so that I would still use EOS for login and account details, while playfab handles player specific data like player stats, unlocks etc?

  8. jmlyi says:

    If your having a issu where EOS is unable to log you in try restarting your pc xD I know this sounds dumb but I had this Problem and I just couldnt figure it out restarting my pc finally did it xD (I had EOS successfully setup once before but with EOSPlus it somehow just wouldn´t wanna function

  9. Soul Cinema says:

    Wanted to say thanks for these vids, they're very well explained and super helpful! I did have a question about this though. Most games on steam that use EOS don't require you to link an epic account and will authenticate you without that pop-up. Is there a way to do this, allowing users with only a steam account and not an epic account to login?

  10. Serg Koshelev says:

    Why I can't make a preview screen to let user choose login from apple, google, steam or epic, and then put my game to a multiple stores?(In the and of a video u told that it's may cause problems), of course I'll optimise game data for mobile ))), but I need to know why is this a case, I've don't publish any yet.

  11. SgtNeosphere says:

    You are awesome! Very well explained and everything works as taught!
    A quick question – If I try this after closing my Epic Games Launcher, I am able to authenticate the server using my Steam credentials and also create a server, however, when my friend tries to join that Server, he only gets a black screen. The connection to the Server however is successfully made. So, is there a way we can make this work without needing the Epic Games Launcher running in the background?
    Thank you again for this series! Cheers!

  12. Phoenix VR says:

    During editor test, epic dev portal can't see the session
    When I package the game after that, steam doesn't detect it!

    Edit* I decided to use the project you made from tutorial, and it works in editor and packaged game, will test online with friends and let you know

    Edit#2 no matter what, I can create session good, but "No sessions Found" when I try to join or anyone else try

  13. Edson Biral says:

    Great tutorial! Apparently you will always post very useful videos! My advice is to organize the themes by playlists, so in the future those who watch a video are more likely to watch the entire playlist. Congratulations!

  14. Lucas Pfister says:

    Very cool! Thank you for these videos, they really are super helpful.
    Quick question – while an application is not reviewed by epic, it requires every account that wants to join to be added in the dev portal. Is that still the case when connecting via Steam? Also, do you know a good resource about what's required to get verified?


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